I wish I could say we could continue to campaign and fight for your voice without donations, but your donations are URGENTLY needed!

The majority of the campaign is currently being funded by myself and my wife.  This limits our ability to have your voices heard, so we need YOUR help to make your voices ROAR and our visions SOAR

All donations are graciously accepted and directly applied to the campaign! We assure you the highest level of transparency so you can help keep track of your donations as they become available.

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All donations, caps, and other requirements fall within FEC Guidelines.  All reports made to them will be available to the public.

Check and credit/debit card donations are preferred, but cash donations can be accepted in person. 

Donations under $50 may remain anonymous.  Donations over $50 must be listed with names and addresses to ensure we do not exceed the $2,700 per person cap ($5,400 total between primary and general election). Cash donations cannot exceed $100.  Anyone desiring to make a cash donation over this amount should make it in the form of a check or credit/debit card donation.  This protects both of us, and is required by the FEC.  If you have any questions, a link has been provided below to the FEC page listing their regulations regarding donations.

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