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Or if you prefer, complete the form below, make check payable to "Baldwin for United States Senate" and mail to Glynda Thornell, Treasurer, 571 Nutbush Rd, Victoria, VA 23974-9651.


A mini-lesson on campaign contributions:

Every successful campaign relies on donors to promote its message.  Alissa Baldwin appreciates each person who gives as they are able to support her efforts to take back legislative power for We the People of Virginia.  Compliance with the rule of law is important just like transparency.  Here are the contribution limits for the 2020 election cycle:

  • Individual - $2,800 per election*
  • Candidate Committee - $2,000 per election
  • Political Action Committee (PAC) Multi-Candidate - $5,000 per election
  • Political Action Committee (PAC) Non-Multi-Candidate - $2,800 per election
  • Party Committee - $5,000 per election (state, district, local combined)
  • Party Committee (national) - $5,000 per election

* Per the Federal Election Commission (FEC), an election is defined in such a way that the primary and general election are treated as separate events despite being for the same elected office.

Cumulative donations of $200 or greater must have name, address, occupation, and name of employer to ensure compliance with federal election and campaign finance laws.  Thank you in advance for providing this information.



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